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July 23, 2014

Dear Friend,

Imagine... More than 100 millionaires are going to reveal their secret codes, skills and steps to you.

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"The Magic Idea of Getting Rich -
Your New Way to Become A Millionaire!"


The Magic Idea of Getting Rich reveals the success secret codes of more than 100 millionaires' on how they create their wealth.

Before these millionaires succeed, ordinary people cannot accept their ideas and they feel worthless and ineffective. Everyone consider them as "Alien".

After they succeeded, everyone starts to agree with their ideas and whatever they do become feasible.

I have interviewed and done some research on more than 100 millionaires regarding their secret codes of getting rich, and have recorded all inside this e-book.


All these codes are the secrets, skills and steps of getting rich that you would like to know!

In just a few minutes, you can be on your way to getting all The Millionaires' Secrets, instead of spend 5 to 10 years searching for the answers.

Learn and apply these knowledge and wisdom immediately, it will lead you to a better life.

The Magic Idea of Getting Rich will reveal the secret to you:

  • On how to get started with no capital
  • Work smart to earn extra money and debt free.
  • Let money works for you.

Who is getting rich,
If You Still Doing What You Are Doing Right Now?

My name is Dr.Steven Lee. I am an Investor, Entrepreneur and Educator. In case my name sounds familiar, you may have recognized me from my #1 best-selling's book "Creating Wealth in Stock Market". I've been interviewed by a top-rated business magazine and a few press media, they had full-page articles written about my success stories.

But that are not important right now.

The most important thing is I have the time to guide and coach you step-by-step.

I was born from a poor family. How I changed my fate? And how I became rich?


I will guide you on how to increase your income by using the new way of getting rich, without long hours and hard work.

In year 1998, I created an investment system that could follow the market movement 每 "Power System". This system helps a lot of investors to enjoy investing and yet sleep well every night. You may get more info from my

My series of books included #1 Best-Selling Book "Creating Wealth in Stock Market", "The Magic Idea of Getting Rich", "Millionaires Money Tree", "Money Fish" etc, which are highly rated.

"The Magic Idea of Getting Rich" is the wisdom derived from the people who have achieved what you dream of: The Millionaire Dream!

While other books give you theories, "The Magic Idea of Getting Rich" gives you the methods from people who have actually attain it. You can't find better solutions anywhere else.

This is the book that you can read repeatedly! It gives you inspiration and ideas.

It awakens you to things you have done in the past and inspire you the need to change and do in the future.

Don't reinvent the wheel, just follow the words of the mentors!

It's the real secret behind all success in life of the rich men's world.

If you want to change your life, read this book!

Simple and Easy to read and filled with successful secrets.

Three Steps to Have A Better Life:

1. Read it.
2. Read it again.
3. Try one secret daily.



10 Benefits You Should KnowThat Makes "The Magic Idea of Getting Rich"So Wonderful!

Benefit 1:
Real secret, no guess work.
Benefit 2:
It will change the way how you do things.
Benefit 3:
You can start applying the steps immediately.
Benefit 4:
Some secrets are straight forward, just follow and do it.
Benefit 5:
Tell you what's the 20% effort expanded that makes the 80% returns.
Benefit 6:
You start to spin your own wheel, and make more money 每 Fast.
Benefit 7:
Increase money into your account at the end of the day.
Benefit 8:
It doesn't require any capital to make change. Just change your mindset.
Benefit 9:
Improve your performance and result, so as to increase more money in your bank account at the end of the day.
Benefit 10:
Save you 4 to 5 years of trials and errors. Mistake is painful.

Dr. Steven Lee has a mission, and that mission is to help as many people as possible. Now he has the ability to help hundreds, even thousands of people who could benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Dr. Steven Lee has built this site on the philosophy of building values for everyone. By creating this website, he is able to share his knowledge with more people.

See what my lovely dog can share with you...

Hi, my name is Terri, the friendly dog.

#1 Real Secret, No Guess Work!

The Magic Idea of Getting Rich is one of the best creating wealth books. You'll learn more from this e-book than you'll ever learn from anywhere else.


#2 Simple and Easy Steps

It is simple, but once you put the secrets to use you actually see the change of doing things in your daily life.


#3 No Age Limit

The Magic Idea of Getting Rich is very simple, no matter how old or how young you are, you still can apply the secrets inside to create your wealth.


#4 Credit Card Debt Solution

Using the ideas on Page 84, you'll solve your credit cards' debts problem easily.


#5 Millionaire Mindset

You'll start to change your mindset after reading The Magic Idea of Getting Rich. Get the feel of a millionaire's mindset.


#6 Create Wealth from Nothing

In this book 每 The Magic Idea of Getting Rich shows you how to make more money from nothing.


#7 Manipulating The Ideas Inside

You'll learn a few practical ideas from this e-book, even though this is not a marketing book, but you can manipulate the ideas, and apply it into your business. See what happen? It helps you increase your sales.

So Terri has introduced to you some of the benefits, if you want to know more about Terri, visit his website

Now, if you can not imagine yourself as a rich and highly successful person several years ahead from now, please stop doing what you're doing now, and start thinking of a change.

The Magic Idea of Getting Rich will open your eyes to the limitless opportunities out there.

On the other hand, if you are going to retire young and rich, this book will accelerate your success even faster.


Here Are the Advantages
"The Magic Idea of Getting Rich" 每 Part 2
Gives You!

Advantage 1:
Create wealth in stock market with little or no capital
Advantage 2:
How to make one million in 5 years with just one thousand dollars
Advantage 3:
4 successful ways in the stock market
Advantage 4:
12 investing secrets of how millionaires invest in stocks
Advantage 5:
Why technical pattern recognitions can make you lose money
Advantage 6:
12 golden rules for technical investors
Advantage 7:
Personal investment plan

Why Investment?

Compared to starting a business, you don't need a powerful product, nor any form of marketing.
There is no competition, or dealing with people whatsoever.
Investment is a powerful way to leverage your money.

You probably knew that I have spent tremendous amount of money and time spent learning all the knowledge that brought me today's wealth. You do not need to spend tons of money repeating what I have done. You can save a lot of valuable time by starting your investment plan today.

Start your investment as early as possible. You could be rich just by putting in a fixed amount of money in the stock market and let the power of leverage does its miraculous work. But why aren't all of us rich?

The key is discipline.

The earlier you start investing, the greater the wealth you could accumulate.

The Magic Idea of Getting Rich...

It's 233 pages of pure content, and there are no guess work or long boring articles 每 just the secrets you need to follow step-by-step.



"Nothing Can Stop You from Being Rich,
If You Have The Desire!"

You know what my aunty told me: "Steven, don't take the risk, many people are losing money in stock market, don't ever try it."

Have you heard of this before?

But my own mindset told me: "If you want to succeed, you have to find the way, the rich way."


"Successful People Find The Way."

And ... WHOW!! How it works.

Stop wasting your time and money. You must have a clear success plan, and I'm going to give you example.

Let's say, you want to invest in stock market, below are the steps to follow:

1. Select some good stocks (low risk, high profit stocks).
2. Analyze and filter out those that fulfill the criteria (6每8 counters).
3. Monitor those selected for buy signal (remember: Buy low, sell high).
4. After buying, hold the stocks until sell signal come out (take profits, I know it's hard to do, you're afraid the price will continue goes up. Don't be greedy, let others gain).
5. Repeat 1每4 above again and again.

If you have stocks in hand right now, below are the steps to follow:

Sell those unprofitable stocks (you'll have cash flow coming in).
Select some good stocks (low risk, high profit stocks).
Analyze and filter out those that fulfill the criteria (6每8 counters).
Monitor those selected for buy signal (remember: Buy low, sell high).
After buying, hold the stocks until sell signal come out (take profits, I know it's hard to do, you're afraid the price will continue goes up. Don't be greedy, let others gain).
Repeat 1每5 above again and again.

Keep it simple, just these few step-by-step wealth-building blueprints to follow. Make clear and easy.

Achieving success in life is like baking a delicious cake. Get a good recipe book, and follow the steps. Bake it accordingly and you will end up with a delicious cake.

It's the same thing with creating wealth. Find someone who has already achieved the wealth you want and follow his recipe.

Repeat the same recipe (the proven one).

You will succeed the easy way when someone reveals his actual success secrets, and tells you exactly what to do in step 1, step 2, and step 3...

It just simple likes:

In step 1: You do this, then...
In step 2: You follow this, then...
In step 3: You are on your way to...

You can start apply almost immediately after reading each chapter.

You just cannot fail with this easy procedure that directly leads you to your wealth creating path. You don't have to take a long path to reach you dream.

It is simple and easy.

The super rich won't show you this, and none of them will tell you. Accept it, this is a fact. I faced this problem when I was poor, I tried hard to learn from the rich, but their answer is 'no'.

Today, all the secrets are explained in step-by-step, it takes you straight to the point. I've put everything you need inside "The Magic Idea of Getting Rich". Are you impressed? Sure you are! As you know, you won't get anything like this in any bookshop or

How much would this kind of information worth to you?

Listen carefully, buying many wealth-building books is not going to help you to be rich, right? It just makes your living a little bit better at most or none at all.

Well, why are all this happening? Do you want to know the hidden secret behind?

If yes, follow my advice, "Buy as many books you like, but DON'T READ!"

Email me at, and I'll share with you why "don't read" can make you rich (for those who bought my book only, or else I'll keep busy replying emails).

Now, what you need is to have a right target, everything else is just another distraction.

Don't believe me. Just look at your life style. Is it still struggling for living?

I do try to help people by telling them what they "really" need instead of living with uncertainty, you don't have much time and money to waste, right?


Building A Successful Life
Is About The Process


This may be the most incredible thing you'll read all over the years, so pay attention.


It's about "process of being rich".


I have gone through the process, from poor rich richer (no one feel enough, always wants to be richer, including me ... haha).

"The Process" is a simple circle, but unpredictable.

Imagine this...

If I want to get out of poverty, I'll have to find some money to attend a quality course from someone who has gone through the poor and rich circle. This is the best way to shorten my learning on successful people's experience life style.

If I want to get out of the rat race, I'll find a quality course from someone who is already a living proof, and he can be my mentor at the same time.

If I want to be rich, I'll find a great available course to teach me exactly how to do it, and follow it exactly using the same method to create my wealth.


You Know What I Have Learned From
My Past Experienced?

Working hard can't make me rich, I worked hard and tried to save as much money as I can, but all this couldn't make me rich.

When I know the meaning of "enjoy making money", I start spending money buying the things I like, and the money start to flow in quickly. And of course, I do a lot of charity.

This is the law of nature, cause and effect. The concept is simple, when you spend money, other makes money, and they will spend the money again. The only thing is how to make more money flow into your pocket? Good question, right?

One of the secret behind the rich is investing. This is one of the best ways to leverage your time and money. You can use less time and money to create lots of money. More details can find out from my website

What will you learn from The Magic Idea of Getting Rich?
Contents: Part 1
  • There is no longer a concept called job security ... 6
  • In Millennium Trends! What business do you want to be involved? ... 14
  • Three ways to make money in the Big Trends ... 16
  • What obstacles might be getting in the way of achieving wealth? ... 30
  • How to attract more money into your life? ... 49
  • How to tell your subconscious to do what you want? ... 55
  • Why some became wealthy before age 30? ... 68
  • Six secrets of money-making strategies ... 70
  • How to build wealth without capital? ... 77
  • How to solve your debts easily? ... 84
Contents: Part 2
  • The Magic Idea of Getting Rich ... 88
  • Read my story ... 89
  • How to make $1 million in 5 years with just $1,000? ... 92
  • Are you satisfied with your income? ... 122
  • How can you make money while you sleep? ... 130
  • How to increase your investing profits? ... 144
  • 4 Successful ways in stock market ... 149
  • How to save a lot of money, which you may lose in stock market? ... 156
  • 12 Investing secrets of "How Millionaires Invest Stocks" ... 186
  • Why pattern recognition can make you lose money? ... 193
  • 12 Golden rules for technical investors ... 195
  • Personal Investing Planning ... 203
  • The Right Financial Concept ... 209
  • Contact Me ... 233

No Money-Back-Guarantee!


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This is the first lesson you have to learn before you get rich. If you dare not take the risk, please don't buy my book.

I am a risk-taker, that's why I managed to change my life and became rich. As you know, most of the successful people are risk-taker, that's the reason why they are rich and successful.

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Dr. Steven Lee (Ph.D)
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P.S. Here's the second lesson, don't think too much. Just do it now!

P.P.S. This e-book helps a lot of people change their life and their way of thinking. You'll also learn the new way of self-motivation that keeps you moving towards your future.

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